Corporate and Event First Aid Provider in London, UK

We can supply professionally trained, fully equipped, fully insured and DBS checked personnel:

  • Emergency First Responders: Our staff all receive in-house training and annual re-certification to meet the current  Guidelines, Standards and Legislation. EFRs respond with a First Aid kit including Oxygen and a Defibrillator.
  • Emergency Medical Technicians: Our staff are professionally trained and annually re-certified to meet the current Guidelines, Standards and Legislation. They carry Advanced First Aid equipment and diagnostic monitoring. They are all trained in Immediate Life Support and Trauma resuscitation skills.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Our HCPs come from a variety of professional NHS clinical specialities. This not only brings an element of expert supervision for less experienced staff,  it reinforces the benefit of professional team work and accountability in giving our clients total confidence and reassurance.
  • Our HCPs are all trained in Advanced Life Support and Trauma Care, they can provide the same level of emergency care response, that one would expect in a Hospital environment. Due to the diverse range of registered HCPs: (Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, ODPs, Physiotherapists, Radiographers etc), we can truly offer a professional, multidisciplinary, approach to event medical management. Our Doctors are all senior grades and include specialists in emergency medicine, surgery, anaesthesia and intensive care.

We offer Cycle Responders, 4x4 Rapid Response Vehicles, Medical Quad Bike, BLS/ILS/ALS/ICU Ambulances and Water Rescue facilities. We operate a modern 27 foot Mobile Medical Centre with inbuilt radio communications and CCTV control. We can also supply event VHF radio systems for all of your event staffing.

Our mobile medical centre has air-conditioning, heating, lighting and full urgent care/minor injury facilities. A huge reassurance for all austere and endurance events!

We occasionally work in partnership with trusted and CQC registered companies. Team work is just as important to us, as it is for our clients and their other event business partners.

We can also provide professional Fire & Rescue teams for high-risk events. Our Fire team are all currently serving government fire fighters and therefore, experienced in all aspects of safety and risk management at large events. Our Fire Marshalls have all received, certified training in fire safety and safe, appropriate operation, of all types of fire suppression, and extinguishers. They commonly work alongside our fully trained fire fighters to ensure your event is safe, which is of paramount importance to us.

Essentially, no matter what, where, or how complex you think your event might be, we can supply everything you need, to allow safe and compliant operation.

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